Confetti Cannon

Introduction: Confetti Cannon

You will need:
3 ft of 1" pvc
1" pvc ball valve
1" pvc cap
Bike pump valve-use popped bike tire and cut out the valve and some of the surrounding rubber
PVC cement

This should cost you no more than $20.

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Step 1: Prepare PVC

You will need one piece of PVC that is 1' long and one that is 2' long. The measurements do not need to be exact and can be modified. The longer piece will hold air, so the longer your long section is, the more air it will hold, giving more power. The short section holds your confetti, so the longer that is, the more confetti you will be able to shoot.

In your PVC cap, cut a hole directly in the center, big enough to fit your bike valve. A 1/4" hole should be big enough.

Step 2: Epoxy Bike Pump

Attach the bike valve to the inside of PVC cap using epoxy. See image

Step 3: Test Fit Everything

Before glueing anything, fit everything together. Make sure the parts you have will fit together.

Step 4: Get to Glueing!

Glueing the cap and air compartment: Apply PVC cement to the inside rims of the cap. Make sure to avoid getting glue on the bike pump value. Apply PVC cement to the outside of the long pipe section. Fit the two pieces together and twist about a quarter turn. Check your PVC cement for drying times.

Glueing the ball valve and air compartment: Apply PVC cement to the inside of one end of the ball valve and the outside of the air compartment. Fit the pieces together and twist a quarter turn. Make sure you do not get PVC cement on "ball" in the ball valve. This will prevent the ball valve from turning.

Glueing ball valve to confetti chamber: Apply PVC cement or Epoxy to the inside of the ball valve and outside of the confetti chamber pipe. Twist a quarter turn. Avoid getting PVC cement or Epoxy on the "ball" in the ball valve.

Step 5: Have Fun! Test Fire!

Use a bike pump to add air to the air compartment. Be careful and make sure the glue is all the way dry before you attempt to add pressure. Put confetti in the other end and twist the valve to fire! We put close to 140 PSI in ours. Have fun!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! This looks like a pretty simple build. Thank you!