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Introduction: Confetti Criss-Cross Bracelet

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Hi! Today I am going to help you learn how to do the Confetti Criss-Cross. It is, another Rainbow Loom bracelet from the Rainbow Loom instruction book. Hope you enjoy!

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Step 1: Materials

Today you will need:

1. Rainbow Loom kit
2. Rainbow Loom hook (metal is better)
3. Rainbow Loom bands
4. C-clip

Those are the materials we need for this bracelet. You will need 4 colors of bands, and mine will be: burgundy, white, red, and blue. Choose your colors, and let's start!

Step 2: Placing the Bands

We're going to start placing the border first. Turn the loom around so that the arrow is facing upwards. From the first middle peg to the left, put your first color (burgundy). Then do the same on the right. Go place bands upwards 11 times on both sides. Then place a band going to the top-most peg. Do the same on the right. Then put a capping band on the top.

We are now going to stretch one band over 3 pins to make a triangle on the left side. I am using my 2nd color for this: white. Look in the photos on how to do this. You will do this 11 times. Do the same on the right side.

Now we are going to make double cap bands, and place them in the middle of every "bow". I am going to use my 3rd and 4th color for this: red and blue. You wrap a band on the pegs 4 times to make a double cap band, or you may do it any other way.

Step 3: Looping the Bands

Turn the loom around so that the arrow is facing towards you. We are going to loop the triangle bands first. Go inside the double cap band of the first triangle band set, and hook the top band over the three pins. Do it for all the triangle bands on the left. Do the same with the right. Loop the border, tie it off, then add the extensions if you need some. While you are looping the start of the border, make sure to go through the capping band.

Step 4: Tying It Off and Extensions

Tie it off, take it off the loom, and extension time! Make your own extensions, and your bracelet is done! Congrats on making your own Confetti Criss-Cross.

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5 years ago

Thank you so much ilovedisneyfrozen! I'm glad that you had fun making this. Thank you for following too! :)


5 years ago

Your welcome. Wanted to share other clever rainbow loom designs that Rainbow Loom actually designed.