Confetti Eggs (Cascarones)

Introduction: Confetti Eggs (Cascarones)

This is a mexican tradition my friend taught me how to make at Christmas time, but Easter and April Fools seem to be a good times to make these too. These eggs ("Cascarones") are meant to be broken over the head of a friend in good humor. It's best if the egg is disguised to be a hard-boiled Easter egg, or just an egg.

The process is to
- make confetti from old magazines or wrapping paper with hole punchers
- cook egg dishes saving the egg shells with just the ends cracked off
- wash and dry the shells
- put confetti into the eggs and cap with tissue paper and a bit of glue
- decorate the egg with markers or crayon
- surprise a friend with an egg they think is cooked and crack on their head (not too hard)

- clean, dry eggshells with end cracked off
- tissue paper
- hole puncher and colorful paper (or pre-made confetti)
- scissors
- water-based glue
- paints, markers or any decorative tools
- a few friends to help
- a few friends who have heads to crack these on

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Step 1: Empty Some Eggs

Get some eggs, crack off the end of each and cook something with them. Here is my friend Magda making homemade tortillas and filling them with some yummy egg scramble mix.

Then rinse and allow to dry!

Step 2: Make and Deposit Confetti

Make your own confetti with hole punchers and wrapping paper or magazines.

Put confetti on a sheet of newspaper and get a friend to tip the confetti into the egg you are holding.

Step 3: Cap the Eggs

Cut a piece of tissue paper and cap the egg with glue. You can have fun with the tissue... it makes good sideburns or hair for an egghead.

Step 4: Decorate

Decorate with all your creative skills using all the scraps and tools at your disposal.

Step 5: Crack Party

Then have a egg-cracking-on-head extravaganza on easter, new year's, mardi gras or birthdays...

Confetti gets into the drinks. I wonder if you could make an edible confetti?

Happy Easter.

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