Confetti Surprise





Introduction: Confetti Surprise

This prank is amazingly easy but lots of fun for April Fool's Day or a quick prank. This is especially hilarious when there is a large group of people and when it is a hot day :P

This will cost less than $2 for the bag of confetti

Step 1: Get Your Confetti + Stashing

Buy your confetti from a party shop or other specialised shops which may have them in stock. (preferably the confetti bags which have an array of colours)

Once you have bought your confetti, the prank can finally begin.

Find a room (whether it may be in your house, office or mates house) which has a ceiling fan.
Place the confetti on top of the fan blades while the fans are stationary.

remember this is a good prank during the summer

Step 2: Wait for Victim...

Once you have completed this all you have to do is wait for someone to switch on the fan...


This is hilarious (especially at a mates house) because they are left to clean the mess :D




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    15 Discussions

    I think this is a great idea. Am going to use on my grandchildren for St. Patrick's Day! They will think it's hilarious. Also will use for other occassions.

    my favorite form of this trick is to put a stink bomb into an air intake (eg. airconditioner inlet ect.) and run away!

    It also would work nicely to put fake vomit as well as fake poo on the fan!

    I bet if you switched the fan into reverse it would keep it all in the air longer. :)

    So simple- so clever! (and you can always mooch around near the swich and quietly turn it on yourself) :D

    O please this is a mediorcre joke.... ok maybe a little better but when the go turn the celing fan on they wont be under the celing so...

    i put fake poo on it but i accidentally got the wrong house...the door was unlocked

    another good thing to use is the sneezing powder by Silicon_11

    Wow. Normally, I would say this is stupid way too simple to be worth posting. But it seems so perfect! And, nobody else posted it........