Configuring the XBox 360 Controller to Work With Windows and Source




Introduction: Configuring the XBox 360 Controller to Work With Windows and Source

This Instructable will show you how to install the XBox 360 controller on your PC, and how to get it to work with Source. I've wanted to put a controller on my computer for some time now. It all started with reading Maximum PC's review of the controller, they said you could do it but didn't show you how. You can buy two types of wired controllers the regular one and the windows one, which comes with a driver CD. This is how to do it the cheaper way without the CD.

MAXPC Article

Step 1: Buy Controller

This is the most expensive part, go to your local big box electronics store i.e. Best Buy or Future Shop and buy the wired XBox 360 Controller. Also if you don't have Day of Defeat Source buy it, its god(not just good GOD!). The controller will probably set you back fifty bucks and if you have a 360 it can pull double duty or you could use a wireless one with the charging cord in it.

Step 2: Open It Up

Now this isn't open heart surgery or anything just take your scissors and cut open the package. Pull out the controller and pull out the cardboard and look for this piece.

Step 3: Plug It in Plug It In

Plug in the controller and watch it light up once the found new hardware box opens up tell it to piss off. What ever you do don't use windows update it takes forever and may fail.

Step 4: Go Get the Drivers

To download the driver go to www.windowsgaming.comand click Hardware, then Controllers then pick the wired XBox controller and click download drivers. Now fill out your info and run what downloads. If you get confused at all after this step follow the pictures and they will tell you what to do.

Step 5: Set Up Source

Take the file thats on this page and put it in the location:
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\<username>\<game>\<abbreviated game>\cfg
Then open Source and go to Options and check the boxes joystick and joystick look.
It's easier to play if you lower your sensitivity as well.
Then in the Console(~) type exec joystick
Then type:
bind "JOY1" "+jump"
bind "JOY2" "+reload"
bind "JOY3" "+speed"
bind "JOY4" "+use"
bind "AUX5" "+attack2"
bind "AUX6" "+attack"
bind "AUX7" "impulse 100"
bind "AUX9" "+duck"
bind "AUX10" "+zoom"
bind "AUX29" "lastinv"
bind "AUX30" "invnext"
bind "AUX31" "phys_swap"
bind "AUX32" "invprev"

Step 6: Final Thoughts

If after adjusting anything in Options you can't firere-enter those bind values. By the way no games support the triggers so you have to use the shoulder buttons to fire.



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    82 Discussions

    I plugged the controller in, but its just flashes the whole ring.

    double_d_mfl>> good call on the Xpadder program. I use it for my games that are not compatible with the controller(ei,. grandtheft auto vice city, Doom3,..etc.
    I have the free version, which works fine after you find the optimal button assignments. there is a Paid version availible with a few more features.

    hi i just bought a xbox 360 wireless controller + play & charge kit special edition(they didnt had the wired one). it comes with a wire which i can connect to pc and i followed all the steps except that it doesnt work can any one help please

    1 reply

    For the wireless controller you need a Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver even if you have the play and charge.

    you can order it from hear

    The Development Console can be accessed in game by pressing the ~ key, which is located above Tab.

    and the options to enable joystick etc?

    What program do you use when trying to access the source?

    for wireless on goto=

    for wired on goto=

    I can find the file up to this point "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps" I can't find my user name in there. please help.

    1 reply

    Try looking under the C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common folder. Some of my games are put under my user name and others are under common.

    Actually, at least for Team Fortress 2 (haven't tried others), you can simply go under the Dev. Console and enter exec xbox360controller (once the controller driver from Microsoft has been installed) and that takes care of everything. Triggers included. Hope this helps.

    2 replies

    The Development Console can be accessed in game by pressing the ~ key, which is located above Tab.

    Hey, do you have to buy DoD to get source? and if not where do you get source from? please reply, thanks.

    Answer is simple. Rename the file Joystick.cfg. It names it something weird when you download it.

    1 reply

    nvm i dont need to put that command but are we not supposed to be able to look around  because i can only look forward of me