Connect 2.4" TFT LCD to Arduino Leonardo Micro

Introduction: Connect 2.4" TFT LCD to Arduino Leonardo Micro

I bought these cheap TFT LCD from Ebay, with also cheap Arduino Leonardo Micro.

I had some trouble to make them work, finally got it.

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Step 1: Libraries

You will need the Smoke and Wires Library :

You also need the GFX library from Adafruit :

Add the line #include "LeoMicro.h" in SWTFT.cpp and comment out the other included originally for Uno or Mega board.

Put the LeoMicro.h file in the library folder.

Step 2: Pin Connection

The new pin configuration is as follow :

LCD Data Bit :    7    6    5    4    3    2    1    0<br>port/pin :  	PD7  PB6  PB5  PD4  PD3  PD2  PD1  PD0<br>LeoMicro      	  6   10    9    4  Txd  Rxd    2    3

Connect LCD_RST to pin 14.

The other pins stay the same :

LCD_RD to A0

LCD_WR to A1


LCD_CS to A3

The modifications were made to the write8inline and read definitions inside the LeoMicro.h file.

Step 3:

Step 4: Example Sketch

The file graphicstest.ino was from Smoke and Wires, I simply deleted the redefinitions for the A0-A3 and Reset pins.

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