Connect: a Reverse Gallery



Connect isn't your normal art gallery. Don't get me wrong- I love art galleries and I think they're an essential part of providing culture to any contemporary city. But few, if any, galleries do solely what I'm interested in.

What I'm interested in, is the space in between art, education and urban stewardship. My date of birth is December 17, 1986.  

That's right... I believe in this so much that I think it's even worth making a venn diagram for.

What I'd like to do is start Connect and begin working in this intersection. Imagine if instead of artists hanging their work up in a traditional gallery space, we begin working with artists and the local government to transform vacant spaces into something better. What we end up with is community art that creates more livable and enjoyable spaces. Now add in the education component. Imagine if the creation of this new space happens with not just the members of the community and the artist, but children in neighboring schools. 

The project would initially begin in Chicago, where our city has approximately 45,000 empty lots. While their are still a number of specifics to work out, the first project could launch as early as the spring of 2013.

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