Connect Electronics to Erector Set Pieces With Lasercut Adapters

Introduction: Connect Electronics to Erector Set Pieces With Lasercut Adapters

Erector sets are a great way to toss together an idea or a prototype chassis. The problem is they don't play well with others. Combining electronics and erector set pieces can be done with simple laser cut acrylic adapters. The acrylic insulates the electronics from the metal. It also provides a good solid mounting platform.

Add servos and other items to the list and you can make anything. Even something as complex as a hexbot or biped robot.

So far I have created patterns for the EZ-1 sonar sensor  and hobby servos. If I win the epilog challenge then I'd be able to do all the testing required to design dozens of new patterns for things like arduinos and any sensor I can get my hands on. These patterns will be release on ponoko or thingverse for everyone to use. The EZ-1 sonar and servo adaptors where done at ponoko but testing and prototyping is expensive and time consuming with ponoko. If I had my own laser cutter then it would go a lot faster.

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