Connect Nodemcu and Micro SD-card Without SD-card Shield

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What you need:

1. Berg strips (male) (7-Pins)

2. Micro SD adapter

3. Dupont jumpers (Male to female) (7 jumpers)

4. Nodemcu

5. Breadboard

Pre tin the end of berg strips, apply flux to the pins of micro sd adapter, gently place the berg strip over adapter and heat each pin with the soldering iron, half a second each is enough.
And you are done!

now the wiring part -->

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Step 1:

Connect as shown in the schematic,

SS --> D2 (GPIO 4)

MOSI --> D7 (GPIO 13)

SCK --> D5 (GPIO 14)

MISO --> D6 (GPIO 12)

VCC --> 3v3

both GND --> GND (GND pin between MOSI and 3v3 pins is optional )

Format the sdcard to FAT32 filesystem put some sample files in there.
Connect USB cable upload testcode (nodemcu_sdcard.ino) using Arduino IDE
If everything goes as planned, you should get filesystem info on the serial console as shown in the image.

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    2 Discussions


    3 months ago

    sdcard:32:1: error: 'Sd2Card' does not name a type

    Which SD.h library are you using? The one installed in Arduino IDE is different from your calls.


    1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing :)