Connect Raspberry Pi to College WIFI

This will help you connect to your college's WIFI with your Raspberry Pi, for school projects. Usually the school's WIFI is greyed out and you can't select it for use on your Raspberry Pi.

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Step 1: Connect to Your Raspberry Pi

Sign in remotely to your Raspberry Pi, or as a Raspberry Pi Desktop, or Headless. Just get into your Raspberry Pi lol!

Step 2: Open Command Prompt

Click on icon highlighted in circle is around it

Step 3: Open Wpa_supplicant.conf File

type exactly what you see in the picture in the command prompt and hit enter.

Step 4: Configure Wpa_supplicant.conf File to Use School's WIFI

Type what you see highlighted in the red rectangle. Where it says "identity=" after the equal sign and between the quotation marks put your school net id, usually first initial of first name and full last name, for example Joseph Schmoe would be jschmoe. Where it says "password=" after the equal sign and between the quotation marks use your password you use for school aka your single sign on password, aka the password you use for canvas etc. This should also work for eduroam I haven't tried it though, where it says "ssid=" after the equal sign and between the quotation marks replace USF-GOLD with eduroam, spell eduroam exactly as it shows up on the WIFI connection ie capital letters etc.You can add additional WIFI connections after the closing bracket "}".

When finished hit ctrl-X, then Y, then enter to save the updated wpa_supplicant.conf file


When done updating the wpa_supplicant.conf file


Step 6: ENJOY

After restarting your Raspberry Pi, you should see the greyed out USF-GOLD WIFI still greyed out but now with a check mark next to it.

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