Connect an 8x8 LED Matrix to a Small Breadboard

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These matrices are fun to play around with, but their size makes them difficult to use on most breadboards. Here's one way to mount it on a small breadboard in a (relatively) neat way.
You'll need:
1 breadboard
1 8x8 LED matrix (this one is 1588BS)
Standard yellow, blue, grey, and brown jumper wires. (4 of each)

(Optional): 4 additional yellow wires OR 4 green wires.

Step 1: Yellow

Connect yellow jumpers across b8-b12, i8-i12, b19-b23, and i19-i23.

Step 2: Blue

Connect the blue jumpers next to the yellow, as shown, with the blue wires on the inside, connecting one pin above and below the yellow.

Step 3: The Rest

Repeat the process with the remaining colored wires.

Step 4: Connect

Connect the matrix to the breadboard so that the top pin on the left connects at a12.

Step 5: (optional)

As you can see, the yellow jumpers are still partially concealed by the matrix, so you may want to extend them to be more accessible. You can use 4 more yellow wires and keep everything linear, use 4 green wires and skip a pin, or use 4 green wires at an angle. I chose the latter, because I didn't have enough yellow connectors and I don't like gaps.

Step 6: Use!

I used this with an arduino uno, and it works great. The wires look like a mess, but that's because I used a bunch of short ones. It might take a little guessing and checking to figure out the right orientation, but I got it working without too much trouble or time.



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2 years ago

Just using two breadboards, worked for me. dunno where you got those jumper cables.


2 years ago

thank you very much, helped me alot


4 years ago on Introduction

Hi, I connect similar LED matrix display to shift registers and when I start to multiplex it quite much decreased a ligning of the diodes. It is because of multiplexing? I can hardly see the text on the matrix even if I am sending there about 1A through diodes (at mutliplexing the matrix display allow use higher currrent). What could be a problem?

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Hey ! me too. oh my god it makes me crazy è_é
Did you find a tutorial that use all the 1588BS and MAX7219 and arduino ?
Thanks ;)


4 years ago on Introduction

are you going to include the rest of the design components that your using in the last picture? assuming that your build is to change the speed where the light switches from point to point increase or decrease via the wiper