Connect Several MIDI Devices, Y Cable, SAVE $$$$




Introduction: Connect Several MIDI Devices, Y Cable, SAVE $$$$

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Ever wanted to do LIVE performances, by connecting multiple gears via MIDI? Controlling mixer even if the other keyboard doesn't has one, like PA800 >> PA3X? like PSR 3000 and up >> Tyros 3+ ?

Now it is possible! if you follow the instructions properly.

I have connected 3 devices through MIDI. After digging hard and a lot of research, I managed to make Midi Cables to connect Korg with external sound module and a midi controller. Results are amazing, its like complete ANOTHER orchestra, following your playing. * Midi controller's Midi out> To 1) Korg Arranger AND to 2) Sound module. (midi splitter hack) * Korg Arranger's Midi out > To Sound module * SWITCH to play midi controller directly from sound module, without turning korg arranger on. It requires some soldering skills, thats all. Many benefits.... - ability to control filters, dsp, in real time - ability to layer 4 voices on right hand ON KORG, and 3 on module, 7 voices on right hand. - complete ANOTHER 16 channel keyboard following korg's auto accomp. ability to assign different voices, i'm using yamaha's module, you can use any, or connect another keyboard like motif or any. - SWITCH system, pure safety. so the midi out signals from korg arranger doesn't collide with midi out of controller. I have a midi controller set to control mixer parameters of all the mixer sliders, so that I made a PA500 like PA3X! but of course without sampling capability.

The original hardware costs a fortune. In this project I am showing you how to achieve the same result using parts which only costs few dollars.

Watch the video carefully, pause it to understand the content in detail.

In this video I am showing you how to make midi cables, Y cable, switch etc to connect to your devices. All tested and working 100%. Switch is used for safety, so no data collision occurs. .CAUTION: Make sure to use a multi-meter to check polarity.It has to be exactly same when connected. Only pin 4,5 are used. (midi connectors are labelled 1,4,2,5,3 Check net for standard connection) NO ground. NO ground loop/shield/screened. Reverse polarity on solo side of Ycable/Hub Switch.(also called twisted)

Need any help, just let me know.


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done! Thank you for sharing this great idea!