Connect to Raspberry PI Via USB to TTL Serial Cable



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This is a guide how to connect Raspberry PI via USB. There are situations in which we do not needgraphical interfaces, and the command line is sufficient. I personally use my Raspberry PI as an HTTP server and an broker of MQTT. I had a situation that I lost the connection via ethernet with Raspberry PI and then to solve the problem it was useful to connect via RS232 port. The serial port is a good debugging tool.

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Connect to Raspberry PI via USB to TTL Serial Cable

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Step 1: Components

  • PL2303
  • USB cable
  • Some wires
  • Raspberry PI (I am using Raspberry PI 2)

Step 2: Connection PL2303 to Raspberry PI

Now we connect PL2303 to the Raspberry PI 2 as shown below in the table:

PL2303Raspberry PI 2

Step 3: Connection USB to PL2303

For PL2303 to work properly you must have the driver installed on your system.

Step 4: Login to Raspberry PI Via Serial Port Using Putty

  1. Now we open the device manager and look for our serial port. In my system, he showed up as COM4.
  2. We open putty and configure the connection. . Set the connection type to Serial. In my case I set COM4. It is also important to set the correct speed: 115200.
  3. We enter login and password.
  4. Now we are logged into the Raspberry PI via the Serial Port.

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