Connect to a WoW Private Server on Mac!




Introduction: Connect to a WoW Private Server on Mac!

This Instructable will explain step by step on how to connect to a WoW private server.

***Make sure you do not update to Cataclysm if you want to play on Private servers. If you still want to play them make sure you make a copy of your 3.3.5 client. Then update your old one.***

You will have to wait a little longer for Cataclysm Private servers. Sorry!

Step 1: Find a Server and Register.

1. Go to you web browser. Mine is Safari but you can use whatever you have.
2. Go to
3. Find a server. I just chose a random server but you can pick whatever.
4. Find the "Register New Account" or whatever it says.
5. Register!

Step 2: Change the Realmlist.

1. Open your WoW folder.
2. Open your Data folder.
3. Open your enUS folder.
4. Locate the
5. Open the with TextEdit.
6. Erase everything from it and insert the new one for the private server you registered for.

Step 3: Delete Your Cache.

1. Go back to your WoW directory.
2. Open your Cache folder.
3. Open your WDB folder.
4. Open your enUS folder.
5. Delete everything in your enUS folder.

Step 4: Connect!

My favorite part!

1. Go back to the WoW directory.
2. Open World of Warcraft.
3. Login.
4. Create a character.
5. Enter the World of Warcraft!



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    33 Discussions

    You can for example use this to play on a WoW 4.3.4 Cataclysm server like:

    That is instant 85 and offers great PvP & PvE

    Hi, I have a problem to find instalation file for MAC for free wow 4.3.4.a. Can you give me any advice? Thanks

    You can check also it have 6 realms...5 realms are 3.3.5a and 1 is 4.3.4...Working perfectly, no bugs, and there are instant level 80 pvp realm and blizzlike realm and 10x pvp/pve realm and BEST FUN REALM EVER "REMORSE" 255

    Help! so i recentl (last week) ran out of game time decided not to renew b/c of where im at finacially, i thought about playing the FTP till lvl 20 version but then discovered private servers, sounds fun right! so i do some research try everything on all the mac guides and still not even close. i am sure the problem is that i am running 4.3.3 but i dont know how to download 4.2.2 w/o the launcher automatically patching to 4.3.3... thanks

    oh p.s when i go to log into wow itll look like its about to log me on then right after its done doing authentication and handshaking it disconects me from the server before i even leave the login page

    Can you please help me with connecting to a private server.
    im using
    my cousin is on it and he wanted me to join it so i did everything it says on the website but when i get down to download their launch and unzip it into my WoW folder i cant cause im using mac, May you please please help me

    i keeps saying something about putting in a wow folder and stuff like that what private survey do you guys use Help Me

    i keep getting error messages still...ill try and figure something out

    1 reply

    Ar you using Wrath of the Lich King client or Cataclysm?

    crap now its telling me account name instead of the private server 1


    Mine still says that I need a email to log in? I'm confused...

    Why would you try opening the Patch files? There is no reason to.

    Step 3 is why none of the people can get this to work. There is no reason to delete that stuff. If you have problems using features on the server you can delete your cache. Deleting your enUS folder will delete all the patches and ruin your game.

    1 reply

    You delete the Cache files inside the enUS folder not the entire folder itself. The files you are talking about is the files contained under Data/enUS (All the .MPQ files with are the world object and maps.) not Cache/WDB/enUS (Just the data of the items.). Though I suggest not deleting the enUS folder in the cache as it may contain hidden files (What folder doesn't?).