Connect Your Xbox 360 Online Using Your Laptop (Simplified for Vista ONLY)





Introduction: Connect Your Xbox 360 Online Using Your Laptop (Simplified for Vista ONLY)

There are a few other Instructables showing you how to do this, but none are used with vista. So, being very confused at the time, I didn't know what to do. Fortunately, I figured it out, and decided to create an Instructable on how to do it.

To do this, you will need:

- An Xbox 360
- A laptop (Vista in this instructable)
- An Ethernet cord long enough to connect the 360 to the laptop
- Wireless router / Wireless internet connection
- Some essential snacks while playing with buddies online (my favorite part)

Step 1: Manage Network Connections

First, you need to have a wireless connection on your laptop. When you are sure your connection to the internet is good, right-click the network icon on the taskbar and select Network and Sharing Center.
NOTE: Take this time to be sure the connection is good enough in your desired place, some routers are stronger than others.

Next,on Network and Sharing Center, select Manage Network Connections on the left side.
Onto the next step.

Step 2: Bridge the Network

When you bring up the Manage Network Connections page, it will have at least two connection icons listed in it, the Wireless Connection, and the Local Area Connection(Or LAN).
Highlight them both, and then right click. From there, click Bridge Connections, or something like that. Give it a few minutes to bridge the connections. Once the two connections are bridged, go to the next step.

Step 3: Setup the Xbox

Now its time to hook up the Xbox. When you have your Xbox in the desired place, get the Ethernet cable and plug it in. Then, connect it to your laptop. Now, simply go to the settings tab on the Xbox, and select Network Settings. Run the test, and it should be successful.

So what did bridging the connections do?
By creating a bridge, you connected the wireless and LAN connections together. The LAN provides a network to any computer connected to it (In this case, the Xbox), and the bridge will connect the Internet connection, and the Local Area Connection together providing internet. Easy, huh? Easy enough to not understand.

Step 4: Sit Back & Relax

Now get your bag if chips and pop, sit back, call a few buddies and play Xbox Live with each other. Congratulations! you saved yourself $100!



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    185 Discussions

    YOUR AWESOME! It worked like a charm ?

    getting the same error message when trying to bridge using pdanet as my connection ...where should I focus ?

    does this cost extra when the internet payments come pls answer!

    holy crap didnt think this would actaully work but it did thanks man your a lifesaver

    When I Try To Bridge My Two Networks and it said the following: "To create a network bridge, you must select at least two LAN or high-speed internet connections that are not being used by Internet conection sharing" What did i do wrong? HELP

    3 replies

    To select both networks wireles and LAN you must high light both at the same time in order to bridge. How do you highlight both at once??? When you are on the "Manage Network Connections" page you will see 2 connection will be your LAN and the 2nd will be your wireless...well look to your top left hand can read in blue letters"Network connections 2" or something like on the blue letters and it will highlight both wireless and LAN at the same time........then continue with puddleofmud25 instructions. Hope this helps!!! If you need more details just let me know.

    Mine didn't work at first (using vista hp laptop) but I worked out the problem. If you can't bridge the connections it's because the Sharing has to be completely disabled from your main wireless connection (Mine was belkin54g) so go onto that - properties - sharing - untick all boxes and click OK. Then bridging the connection will work,. When I tested the connection with my xbox it told me to restart my router, and tada it worked . So basically, no sharing, bridge, restart router, test, play XBL :P I hope this helps some people who are having problems.

    Can you help me?The local area connection isn't there and i have the ethernet cable connected to my laptop and 360 but there isn't a local area connection just wireless network connection

    2 replies

    do you see any logo that looks like an ethernet cord end, becease i noticed that many times you can end up accedentlly changing the name. If so than that would be your 'local area connection'

    It does the same with me but i dont now how to gett it pass can i get any help...

    That same with me, ive done all the steps and there successfll but when i run the test on xbox live connection it passes the network point easy but wont pass the internet one plz help

    I have done all this bridged the connections and everything and when i run the test for the xbox live connection the network test is succesful but when its doing the internet one it fails and says it cannot connect to the internet, try your pc so i do and it is fine?? :( what do i do??!

    thank you! my xbox wouldnt connect after using my network as a shared one for a year, today it stopped this fixed it!

    i've had exactly the same problem and i have disabled the firewall ect. but it keeps coming up with that same message - "To create a network bridge, you must select at least two LAN or high-speed internet connections that are not being used by Internet conection sharing"...

    1 reply

    I've never had that problem, but do you think you could either get a recording or snapshot of the error? I'd like to see what happens.