How to Make and Connect Conductive Ink



Project Introduction:

This is an instructable to demonstrate how to use bare conductive ink with the bare conductive board. The goal of this project is to show how people can make and connect conductive ink.


-Drafting tape

-Paper (Sketchbook Paper is fine)

-Conductive Ink(You can order from

-Aligator Clips

-Paint Brush

-Pencil(For sketching out your design)

Step 1: Draw Your Design


I recommend sketching something fun that you want to produce sound with using the bare conductive board.

When sketching keep in mind however it should be closed loop meaning the paint must all be connected in order to make sound.

Also making the sketch bigger than your hand is not idea

Step 2: Taping Off Your Design


Although not necessary taping off the areas around where your painting will make your sketch look crisp and nice.

Drafting tape works well in these situations and be sure to press down on the edges of the tape so when you paint it doesn't leak through.


If you notice in the drawing I added a line headed towards the edge of the paper. This will make it easier to connect your conductive ink using Alligator clips.

You can also using conductive thread, copper tape, even conductive ink to connect to the touch board.

Step 3: Painting!

Get painting! Water make it easier but don't go crazy you need to apply an even amount of paint.

Try not to use too much as well, this well take longer for it to dry and crumple your paper in some cases.

Step 4: Take Off the Tape!

After letting it dry you want to carefully peel off the tap and unleash your drawing

Step 5: Finish!

connect your Alligator clip to the end of your sketch



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