Connecting Particle Photon to Cayenne

Introduction: Connecting Particle Photon to Cayenne

Trying to keep all my boards connnected to Cayenne, which are compatible with Blynk, I want to experiment with my Photon.

In a post of this community I read about an unofficial library, but had not detailed steps, so I decided to write this tutorial step by step, with images and code included so that you can connect a Photon to Cayenne. The truth is that this library is still not very worked as Arduino library, but taking certain considerations you can achieve connect smoothly

Step 1: Add New Device (Select Arduino)

Step 2: In Particle Coud Editor, Search for Cayenne Library

Step 3: Use the Example, Modify Auth Code, Build and Flash the Code.

Step 4: Rename the Device

Step 5: Add New Widget (User Virtual Pin) for Control a Led

Step 6: Update the New Sketch

Step 7: Try Controlling the Led

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