Connecting Your New Blu-ray Player to an Old TV

Introduction: Connecting Your New Blu-ray Player to an Old TV

Do you want to watch Blu-rays on your old TV that doesn't have HDMI input? Here are some instructions on how to do that.

You will need:

Blu-ray player

HDMI to component converter

A two way 3 RGA cord

A two way HDMI cord


Power source

Step 1: Get Your Blu-ray Player.

Take your new Blu-ray player out of the box.

Step 2: Get Your HDMI to Component Converter

You will need this adapter to convert the digital output of your Blu-ray player to a component input for your TV.

You can buy these online or get one from your nearest electronics store.

Here's a link to the one I think I'll buy:

Step 3: Plug in Your Bluray Player

Step 4: Plug in the HDMI Cord

This should be plugged into both your Blu-ray player and the HDMI to Component converter box. I don't have a picture of the converter box because I haven't ordered it yet.

Step 5: Find the 3 VGA Input You Want to Plug Your Blu-ray Into.

Most TVs have inputs in the back of the TV, but some will have them on the front. The TV I'm using has 3 inputs, two in the back and one in the front.

Step 6: Plug in 3 RCA Cord

Match the colors of the RCA cable to the corresponding colors on your TV and in the converter box. Here are pictures of me plugging them into the front and the back of my TV. In the end I'll leave them plugged into input 1 on the back of my TV.

Step 7: Turn on Your TV and Select the Correct Input Channel.

Step 8: Turn on the Blu-ray Player and Enjoy Watching Your Favorite Movies!



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15 Discussions

I’m not an expert; but I’m pretty sure you recommend an HDMI/Component converter; and then you depict plugging in to the Composite inputs on the TV.

I purchased the box shown and hooked up a sony trinitron TV to a new sony blu ray disc player. I tried all inputs but only get a static picture and soundtrack. I also tried another sony TV with the same result. I appreciate this post but have failed.

1 reply

i did the same thing.mine failed are not alone.


6 months ago

i followed these instructions to the tee.i am still getting unusable signal on my television.what could i possibly be doing incorrect.

One note I might add for people who are not electronically inclined who might see this: I am pretty sure that when you convert from HDMI to your other input, the quality will be at the converted input. It won't be HDMI quality.

the thing is... i cant figure out which one is the correct input channel, YAY, yep, i'm that slow. could you help me out?

2 replies

You're not slow. Somewhere in the instructions for your Blu-Ray player it will tell you which channel or channels are acceptable input channels, and how to set the Blu-Ray player to one channel or the other. Then set your t.v. to the same channel as the Blu-Ray player and it should work just fine.

If you have everything hooked up properly, just turn both your TV and player on then cycle through the A/V channels until you see video.

The converter you are showing does not have the red yellow white, but cord does. I'm confused! My tv only has the 3 way rca plugs.

1 reply

It's either the wrong converter or he's showing the wrong side of the converter. Go to Amazon, look up "HDMI to Component Converter" and look at the reviews and answered questions to find a device that will do what you want it to do.

For people having trouble understanding this. Component cables are the 6 cable cord. 3 video cables in red, blue, and green and 2 audio cables in red and white.

Component cables are just a three cable strand. 2 audio (red and white again) and 1 video in yellow.

To make his work on a TV with composite inputs, a second converter would be needed to covert from composite (6 strand cable) to component (3 strand cable). Hope this helps people.

Where does the yellow video cord go on the audio video converter? Something is missing in these instructions?