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Introduction: Component Hard Case

This Is a very simple and practical project I put together after working on my projects at Uni. My problem was that travelling to and from school my components would usually be kept in a zip-lock back and then placed in my bag where they would get squashed and bent (IC's in particular due to the fragile pins).

Using a cheap cigarette case I got from the $2 shop I added some anti-static foam to secure my IC's, transistors, LED's and what ever else I have. 

A small zip-lock bag stored under one of the elastic bands can also be used to hold resistors or other flat long components.     

Step 1: Tools/ Materials

     Craft knife
     Cutting board
     Glue (any general purpose glue will do)  

     Cigarette case
     Anti-static foam
     Small zip-lock bag

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Measure the size of the flat bottom of the cigarette case (mine was about 80mm x 70mm) then cut it with the craft knife making sure the ruler is straight. 

Step 3: Glue

This step is optional as the elastic band will hold the foam in quiet well without being glued down.
I did decide to glue the foam to the inside just because it was a bit more stable that way.
First unhook one side of the elastic on the side you want the foam on, then apply glue to both the case and the foam making sure to get it right to the edges.
Then stick the foam to the case and press it down firmly (you may want to lave something a little heave on top of it until it dries). 
Finally reattach the elastic band. 

Step 4: Add Components

Now add components to take with you. 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Certainly good for electrical engineering classes! People keep losing components! Maybe I'll make a case that can also hold my breadboard.