Console Hall Table With 'Fake' Drawers

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Intro: Console Hall Table With 'Fake' Drawers

I built this Console Hall Table at my home's balcony, using basic tools.

It took a few days to finish it, working for a few hours at the evening after coming back from work. Total I think something like 8 hours. I think that editing the 40 gigabytes of video, took more :)

The drawers are 'fake', since we didn't need the storage space and it reduced the complexity of the build.

After building the table, I though how to still utilize the space inside (although there are no real drawers) and one option is by making the top board open-able using hinges and then it can be used as a 'secret space'. I didn't have the chance to do it yet, but it can be an idea for anyone who wants to build it.

The following video includes all steps and dimensions, from cutting to painting.

Enjoy! :)

Step 1: Required Materials

Required Materials:

* 18mm width pine wood board.

* 4*4cm pine wood profile (for the legs and connections poles)

* 0.5mm width plywood board for the 'fake' drawers.

* Oak wood board - for the top (you can use pine wood, but I found oak it more special and it was suitable for the other furniture we have at home.)

* Screws in different sizes.

* 4 small angles for some connections.

Step 2: ​Required Tools

Required tools:

* Jigsaw (for round cuts)

* Another more accurate saw (e.g. circular saw)

* Drill / Screwdriver

* Measuring tape

* Wood glue

* Wood filler

* Sand paper

* Brush / Roller

* Paint

Step 3: Some Pictures From the Build Process

Although all steps are shown in the video, I added some pictures taken during the process, to have a closer look.

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