Console Table Charging Station for Behind Our Sofa!




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How to build a simple console table for behind your sofa, with plugin added for easy phone charging! Joe and I are probably a lot like most couples right now where we admittedly spend a certain amount of time on our phones, in front of the tv, after work, every day. So I’m currently limping along a 3 year old Motorolla whose battery life leaves a lot to be desired. So, inevitably, I have to run upstairs, get my phone charger and plug it in wherever I’m sitting which usually means having to move the sofa or an end table out so I can reach an outlet. I’ve been thinking a console table would be the ticket to make for easier charging but also to create a little area for display as well so I got to work!

We have a VERY odd living room that has four different entrances (one 72″ outside door) and a big “inside” stained glass window on the back wall that actually looks into my office. It has not been an easy room to arrange or to decorate. That big window means that the little console table would be in front of it if I made it the width of the sofa. I batted this idea around for nearly a year trying to decide whether or not to go the entire width of the sofa or to stop the table at the window.

I ended up going the entire width of the sofa. With that decision made I had one great thing going for me when it came to this little table, it wasn’t going to be seen in any way so I could keep it very basic construction. The width of our sofa is 72 inches so I made the table 70 inches wide and 27 inches tall so it would be just a little shorter then the height of the back. I used two rough cut 2x2s and one rough cut 4×4 for the legs and one rough cut 1×6 for the top. (I found them all out in the barn, thanks Grandpa for leaving them for me!) A few screws to put it all together and construction was done!

Step 1: Cutting the Hole

Using my jig saw and a drill I cut out a rectangle large enough to fit my power strip (purchased on Amazon) and then I just had to secure it with two little machine screws. 6 inches certainly does not provide a very deep “shelf” however, it is a great place for small additions, books and, in a pinch, it works fine for setting a drink on too!

Step 2: Completion and Use

I stained the entire table with dark walnut stain and put two coats of poly acrylic on it just for protection. I’m pleased with it all together and I’m glad I went ahead and splurged on that $20 power strip made specially for situations like this one. There was a part of me that really felt $20 in that case was more then I needed to spend but in the end I love that I can just use a USB cable.



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    1 year ago

    Actually I just finally found it!

    "Conference Recessed Power Strip Socket with Surge Protector 9.8ft Desktop Power Cord -2-Outlet with 2 USB Ports(3m cord)"

    1 year ago

    What is that power strip called? I'm googling "outlet plates" and "power strips with outlet plate" and I just am not finding anything like that thing you're using.


    1 year ago

    A nice project, and really useful. I definitely agree with your choice of a power strip with usb inbuilt. I would be worried about the table falling over when the sofa gets moved for cleaning, I think I'd add a foot of sorts, that would fit under the sofa and give it a bit more stability, also I think I'd be tempted to put a lip around the whole thing to stop small bits (coins and the like) falling off the edges.

    1 reply

    Yup some feet would definitely help with stability! Thanks for coming by, checking it out and commenting!