Construct a Gate Frame

I needed a few new gates for our new house. I decided to make them so that I could make them the exact size and style to match our house.

They are fairly simple to make, however you do need a welder and basic skills.

Step 1: Tools You Will Need

Saw I chose to use a drop saw, however a hacksaw will do same job (only slower).

Welder I prefer a MIG. A stick or TIG will work just as well.

I find using magnetics holds the gate square and the joints tight.

I used a grinder to clean up the cuts ( a file would work just as well only slower)

Step 2: Making the Frame

I made the frame from 35x25x1.6 galvanised steel.

I cut my steel 895 long for the sides

and 1040 long for the top and bottom.

I used magnetics to hold the frame

and run a tape measure over the diagonials the ensure it was square.

Using the MIG I welded it up.

I sat the diagonal brace on the frame and marked the angles.

I then completed the frame by welding the brace in @1300 long.

I used colour bond for some of the frames as fill in and mesh for the rest.

Step 3: Finished Gates

I used the mesh so I could see through and used colour bond when I did not want people to see through. As you can see when I needed a bigger gate I just stretched the design

Step 4: Attaching the Gate

I used a heavier bar for the frame 50x25x2.5 1000 long

I attached it with dyna bolts to hold the frame to my brick wall and teck screws to attach the hinges.



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