Constructing Wagon-type Wheels for Use on Chicken Tractors and Garden Carts

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1. From 1/2” plywood cut six discs 40” diameter. One easy way to do this is to
drive a nail in the center of the plywood and tie a string to it (loosely so that it
will spin,) tie the other end to a pencil at the length of 20”. Draw the circle with
the pencil as it spins around the nail in the center. Using jigsaw - cut away
outer edge of circle. Use this disc to mark other five discs.
2. Mark a circle that is 5” inside the outer-edge. Next, mark a 6 1/2” circle at
the center of the disc. Using a straight edge - mark spokes 2 1/2” wide that
cross the circle in the middle - stopping a the edge of the center circle.
3. Using jigsaw - cut away inside the spokes. Using the first wheel cut-out -
mark the other three discs and cut away material inside spokes.
4. Before assembly, drill 1” hole in all four spoke wheels. Drill 3/4’ hole in
center of two solid wheels.
5. Place 3/4” bearings inside 1” hole on one spoke wheel. (Best to line holes
up on 3/4” axle) Apply bead of construction adhesive onto spoke wheel,
along each spoke and around the edge of wheel. Place solid wheel (with 3/4”
hole) over axle and down onto spoke wheel. (Note: turn grain opposite for
added strength.) Screw sheet rock screws along spokes and edge of wheel
to press wheels together. Next, apply construction adhesive to under side of
second spoke wheel and place onto solid wheel (line up the hole and place
second 3/4” bearings over axle and into 1” hole.) Screw sheet rock screws
along spokes and edge of wheel to press wheels together.
6. Cut two 5” dia. discs from 1/2” plywood and drill 3/4” hole in center. Apply
bead of construction adhesive to underside and place over axle and onto
spoke wheel. Screw sheet rock screws around edge of disc.

3 - sheets of 1/2’ plywood.                        Electric Drill
4 - 3/4” dia. bearings                                Construction Adhesive
3/4” wood or black sheet rock screws       3/4” wood drill bit
                                                                  String & pencil 1” wood drill bit
                                                                  Tape measure Straight edg



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    2 years ago

    What did you use for the axle when you mounted it to the tractor? Does the plywood stand up to weather (rain)?