Construction and Testing of a Rectenna (wireless Electricity Using Microwaves)

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Step 1: Construction of a Rectenna

If i have informed you of false or inaccurate information please send me a message ,this is due to my lack of experience and knowledge ,I am not an engineer or a scientist but done this as a year 9 school project on different methods on how to save the world from certain situations such as depletion of our fossil fuels ,hence i came up with an idea in which i could solve the solar satellites major problem of transmitting its electricity with microwave and collecting them with a special rectenna.

Step 2: Testing of Microwave Antenna

I was able to get a voltage of 1.5 volts from a distance of approximately 1.5m ,however i didn't design the antenna to get maximum efficiency but to test if it functioned or not ,if you want to check out a simpler version of this one ,i have other videos on my YouTube channel LAB 137



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