Contact Lense Case Flashlight

Introduction: Contact Lense Case Flashlight

Alright, so you are asking, what the flip is this? Well I had an Instructable moment where I HAD to find something to fiddle with, and make something out of. I immediately thought of old contact lense holders. The ones that your new contacts come in, and you just throw them away. I thought, "hey, these can be made into something, and it is wasteful to throw away plastic!"

So anyway, I made a flashlight out of it. Enjoy!


Step 1: Materials

Well, as I went along with this Instructable, I found that I needed more materials than I originally took a picture of, so the objects with a * next to them, are not shown in the picture.
Also, sorry for blurry pictures, I am bad at photograph taking.

(1) Battery Clip
(1) 2 AA Battery Holder*
(1) Package of 4 LED's on a PC board. Find them here: Electronic Goldmine 4 LED Cluster
(2) Old Contact Lense Cases
Dremel Tool*
Hot Glue + Gun*
(1) Switch*
(1)Little Piece of Hookup Wire*

Step 2: Connect Battery Clip to LEDs

For this step, you have a choice to make. Do I want the light to be on constantly when the voltage is supplied? Or, do I want a switch to turn it on and off whenever I want.

This picture shows where I attached the battery clip leads to the LEDs, not including the switch yet.

It is somewhat hard to see, so I will explain. The blacklead can go to either one of the single solder joints on the outer row of the board. The red attached to the solid ring inside the 4 single holes.

So basically, you can see that the black is touching one of the four single solder joints, while the red is touching the ring.

**Make sure you test it our before soldering.**

Step 3: Connect Leads to Switch

First off, sorry for the shoddy pictures, I will do my best to explain it.

Now we will connect the leads of the battery clip to the switch. The switch will turn on/off the light.

1.Connect the black lead to ANY of the little leads coming out of the switch.
2.Get a piece of hookup wire, and attach it where the black leads used to be. So, the piece of hookup wire will go on any of the single solder joints.
3.Now connect the piece of hookup wire to the switch leads next to the black one.

I made a hand-drawn picture below to clear it all up.

Step 4: Dremel Place for Wires + Switch

For this step we need the Dremel tool I talked about in the materials. When you fit everything in the contact lense case, you will find that it doesn't fit very well.

What we want to do is Dremel two little slits for the two wires so that it can fit smoothly.

Now you must choose a spot for your switch. I chose my switch to be to the right of where the holes were slit, but it is entirely up to you. Make sure the actual "switch" part is facing out. It is common sense.

As you can see in the second picture for this step, you can see where my switch is located.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Now all we have to do is find a way to fit it all together. First I thought of a screw, but I couldn't find one the perfect size.

I had to use my last resort: Hot Glue. The place where I hot glued it was in the front. This is the rounded edge. I just did a smooth line straight across and it holds really steady.

Once again, sorry for the blurry picture.

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    "Well I had an Instructable moment where I HAD to find something to fiddle with..." I know exactly what you mean. I hate that feeling when I can't get into anything and take it apart or build something.


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