Contagious Song Game

Introduction: Contagious Song Game

Everyone gets songs stuck in their head. It's an inevitable fact of our digital lives.

Now, to put a song in someone’s head: that's a little harder.

Welcome to the official rules of the Contagious Song Game, the game that encourages plotting, humming, subliminal messaging and all forms of dirty pool and treachery to score meaningless points against your friends.

In the spirit of Slug Bug, Gotcha last, and Nose Goes, The Contagious Song game is designed to last for several days, if not weeks between multiple players who may or may not live together. Ideally, players are in regular contact with each other so as to give opportunity for scoring points. There is no limit to the number of players, although playing solo would be rather pointless.

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Step 1: The Rules

The Goal is simple: plant a song in another contestants head without them realizing it. Do so in such a way that it stays there, developing until they either sing or hum this song without realizing that it has been suggested to them.

The rules are few: Playing the actual song to the person does not count. Unless you are playing it while they are sleeping or in another unrealized way.

The specific song or songs is at the discretion of the players, each player may choose multiple Contagious songs and does not have to disclose these to the other players. Ideal songs for play include ones with repetitive or catchy rhythm, iconic lyrics, or personal favorites of other players.

All players are active at all times, and one may be plotting multiple songs against multiple players at any given moment, day or week. Getting the same player to “catch” the same song more than once does not count for extra points, but is very fun.

Scoring is easy:

1 point: per song passed by humming, singing or otherwise reproducing the song

2 points: for introducing the song in the form of stating key lyrics, talking about the band, or directly leading the victim (ahem, other contestant) to singing/humming the desired song.

3 points: Jedi Mind Trick level suggestion; you have planted the song without humming, singing, or directly quoting or mentioning the song or artist. This is difficult, requires planning, and a flexible interpretation of the ethical use of psychology. Documented examples include; introducing items into the environment that remind the person of the target song (ie: Pina Coladas, specific clothing items), Leading the conversation to topics that relate to (but are not specifically about) the song, and getting a non-player to sing the song in the other players presence (without direct request, obviously).

To score points: the other player MUST sing or hum the ‘contagious’ song, and the player planting the song must at this point claim their point or points by revealing their efforts. This is also known as bragging rights. Often after playing for a period of time, the player who “caught” the contagious song will realize what has happened with or without the “contagious” player confessing it.

The game continues until a clear winner emerges and is either acknowledged or permanently shunned by all other contestants.

Have fun,

And may the Force be with you!


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