Contest Entry: Open Shutter Photography

Introduction: Contest Entry: Open Shutter Photography

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Using open shutter photography plus sparklers makes for some awesome pictures. I'll show you how to make these awesome pictures with almost any camera.

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Step 1: Taking the Picture

First you need to get some sparklers, all kinds will work well. The best time to take the picture is at night so you can see the sparkle. The setting you need to set your camera to is usually called Shutter Speed Priority. A good time is about 10 seconds. Keep in mind that all lights turned on in the area will affect your outcome of the picture. You might need experiment with the shutter speed. To get the best picture if you finish "drawing" you picture keep going over it so you don't have this long trail. In other words if you put your hand done because your done with your drawing it will show up in your picture and wont look as good.  Also if your doing your name you need to do it backwards. Also don't turn if you need to take a step, or it wont show up.

Step 2: Mistakes

There will always be mistakes with open shutter photography. Check them out. The first one was supposed to be Lisa but it got jumbled so it looks like Lois or Love. The second one was supposed to be a horse but it got a little messed up. The third one was supposed to be a flower but the petals shifted a little. And the last one is just kinda cool.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Doing sparkler pictures is fun! So check out all of the pictures!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for that comment, I really appreciate it and also, I'm sorry if it seems a bit competative towards anonymouse197 but I took this photo then saw this 'ible.


    I love this, it is fantastic! I have done this sort of thing before, but never with sparklers, and I love the effect it creates - especially with the infinity symbol!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That's cool! I like with the sparklers how your eyes really focus on just the "drawing" and not the background. But also the background gives it character, so they're cool