Continuity Tester PEN

Introduction: Continuity Tester PEN

Heres a fun little project I did when boredom hit me. after i finish it
Im still bored and made up this Instructable.

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Step 1: Parts Needed:

2x Pen
1 Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.), 3 Button Cell & Holder ---> I get this in a Chip Lighter with Flashlight
Stranded Wire
Flexible Wire

Soldering Iron
Glue Gun
Hand Drill

Step 2: Let's Begin.

Get the 2 pen
Drill a hole at the bottom of the 2 pen
Drill also a hole at the side of a pen that LED will fit. 

Then get the Stranded wire use the cutter to cut the yellow part
to revealed the copper wire now get 1 strand.

Step 3: L.E.D.

Solder the flexible wire to positive of led

then negative to the stranded wire

after soldering put it inside the pen

The first pen is done.

Step 4: Button Cell

Now Solder the Flexible wire to positive of the bottom cell

then i just attach the stranded wire to the negative bottom cell

put it inside of the pen.

Step 5: Finish.......

I put a glue to the tip of the pen because thier is a big hole. 

now put the nozzle of the pen peirce it to the glue to stay at one place.

FINISH.. now go test it.

It looks very attractive and feels nice in your hands..

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