Continuos Rotation Servo (The Easy Way!)

Introduction: Continuos Rotation Servo (The Easy Way!)

This instructable is to teach you how to make a continuos rotation servo. I am useing a hpi sf-1 but you can use any servo that is 180 degrees.

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Step 1: The Opening of Your Servo

To open many servos there are 4 screws in the bottom. Unscrew those then take off the arm or head of the servo by removing a screw.

Step 2:

Now you need to find a different color gear and in my case it is black. There is a tab on it. Remove the gear then remove the tab. After there should be a plus sign on the bottom of that gear and you need to get rid of it by slowly removing it with a drill

Step 3:

Now an arduino is handy for this step. You need to center out the potentiometer. Use an arduino with a servo program and set the output to 0. Now make it so the motor stops spinning by adjusting the potentiometer. After that use a bead of hot glue or superglue if you want it to be permanent.

Step 4:

Now it should rotate continusly If you have questions leave me a comment.

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    Nice hack. Do you have any more pictures of the process to help illustrate.