Contour Video Camera Foam Microphone Windscreen

I made it at Techshop.

With the microphone on the front of my sports video camera; I needed to get something to reduce the wind noise.  I looked on-line but did not like what I saw.  I did not want to glue something on, just to peel it off.  So, I came up with a clip on foam wind noise reducer.

Step 1: Foam and Paper Clip

Using foam from head phones and a coated paper clip.

Step 2: Simple Paper Clips

The top clip is a finished one.  Basically by bending out the paper clip and cut to equal lengths to form a U shape.

Step 3: Basic Tools

Basic tools are side cutters (aka wire cutters) to cut paper clip to length and small needle nose pliers to form the loops on the ends. 

Step 4: Clip on Wind Foam

The clip snaps over the foam and into the grooves of the sports camera.



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    1 year ago

    nice project, I will do this for sure.