Control Any AC Device Via PC RS232

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This project is about How you can Control AC devices via PC RS232 Socket

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Step 1:

the project consists of two parts

1- software


  1. Softwere - u can use Hyper Terminal or Realterm

or u can used my own terminal program UART Serial Port Communication

2. hardware


  • microcontroller support UART
  • 2-led
  • relay module
  • Max232

Step 2: Circuit Simulation

  • Construct the circuit shown

Step 3: Write UART Code

use mikroC to write your own UART program

and then burn it on pic

code for two devices

Step 4: Relay Module

use relay module to control AC devices

Step 5: UART Serial Port Communication

use terminal programUART Serial Port Communication

to control devices via pc

for help contact me facebook

Step 6: UART Serial Port Communication [PC Program]

  • good luck

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    2 years ago

    By the way , nice tutorial. keep it up


    2 years ago

    code is wrong for case a. check again :)


    cool design. You could put together an awesome smart house system with this.