Control Direction of Your Paper Plane




This tutorial will help you control the direction in which your paper plane will travel. This can help you control your plane to move straight, towards left, towards right and do a 360.

Step 1: Materials Required

2 papers (A4)

A pair of scissors

Step 2: Make a Simple Rocket

First, you need to make a simple, classic rocket.

Result will be like the picture shown

Step 3: Make a Glider Rocket

Make a simple glider rocket

Take an A4 sheet

Hold it horizontally.

Fold both top corners towards yourself and make them meet in a 90 degree angle.

Make the last three folds in the same way you did for the simple rocket

Result will be like the picture shown

Step 4: Combine Both the Rockets.

Slide in the simple rocket into the crease of the glider rocket. Then staple them together. Staple the crease and wings. Make sure there are no bends in the wings. Result will be like the picture shown.

Step 5: Cut Flaps

At the end of your combined rocket, cut 2 even flaps on each side. The result will look like the picture shown.

Step 6: Control Your Paper Plane

Direction list

All 4 flaps upwards- 360 degree

Flaps on the right side upwards- Move left

Flaps on the left side upwards-Move right

All flaps flattened-Move straight



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