Control Home Appliances Using GSM Module

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Controlling home appliances has become integral part as it becomes very difficult to control home appliances when you're away from home and when lined up with schedules or even into some important prior engagements. Just to make arrangement of these appliances to function in a proper manner and to function when required this module comes into play as an asset. In this blog we are going to learn about the module to control home appliances using GSM Module.

Components Required -:

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Step 1: Making Connections/ Schematics

Make connections according to the given schematics.

  • Connect RX of GSM module to TX of Arduino
  • Connect TX of GSM module to RX of Arduino
  • Connect GND of GSM module to GND of Arduino
  • Connect GND of Relay module to GND of Arduino
  • Connect VCC of Relay module to 5V of Arduino
  • Connect PIN 7 of Arduinoto IN1 of Relay Module
  • Connect PIN9 of Arduino to IN2 of Relay module
  • Connect PIN10 of Arduino to IN3 of Relay module

Step 2: Downloading Code

The code for the above module to control home appliances can be downloaded from the link given below

Download Code

Step 3: Check Functioning

Upload the code to the system and check functioning.

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