Control Multiple Servo Motors From Android and Arduino

Introduction: Control Multiple Servo Motors From Android and Arduino

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Use android app to control multiple servo motor connected to your arduino, I used arduino uno, it has only 6 PWM pins , that's the reason I stopped with 6 slider in the android app, if you want to control more than 6, you can use arduino mega or any other board which offers more pins to control more servos. the app was created using MIT app inventor which can be done in less than 20 minutes. This project can be used to control applications where we need to control multiple servos.

How to make Mit app inventor block for controlling multiple servo motors:

For more information Please check this link :



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    2 Discussions

    I have a doubt.
    What if I want to control 16 motors: 15 together and one different.
    I am a total beginner, and I have to make this project.
    Where to start, what to do and what to study?

    calidad como hago para octener el codigo y la aplicacion?