Control Winamp From Nintendo DS Browser




Introduction: Control Winamp From Nintendo DS Browser

Here is a quick and easy way to use your Nintendo DS Browser to control Winamp.

-I have updated the skin to version 1.01, which now includes a search page. This search page is similar to the library browser page, but doesn't load your entire library at start.

Step 1: Download and Install Browseamp

First off, I assume you are running Winamp. If not, go grab it.

You will need to get the Browseamp plugin for Winamp. You can use the installer linked from this page, or look for the newest version here or here

Next, install browseamp.

Step 2: Download and Add DS Browser Skin

Download attached ZIP file, which contains the DS Browser skin.

Navigate to your Winamp home directory. Then enter the plugins dir, and finally browseamp.

You should now be faces with a path similar to "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\Browseamp\".

The Zip contains a folder named "DS Browser Skin". Extract this file into the browseamp directory.

Step 3: Configure Browseamp

Open Winamp, then enter preferences.

Navigate to the Plugins>General Purpose submenu.

Select Browseamp, then Configure.

Start the server on port 80, take note of the displayed ip address under Info.

Now, go to the skins tab, and from the drop down menu, select DS Browser Skin.

Step 4: Connect With Your DS and Have Fun

Ensure that the computer running browseamp has no firewall or similar measure that will block incoming requests. Also, be sure the DS is connecting to the same network this computer resides on.

Enter the previous noted IP address into your DS Browser and connect.

Switch to SSR mode.

The page that loads should be identical to the one shown in this photo.




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    33 Discussions

    The browser is actually out for sale in a few countries now. I am in the US and got mine a couple weeks ago at GameStop.

    dammit i cannot buy stuff through the net and i live in Israel... but I'm might have a chance cause I'm going on a long trip to south America TODAY so maybe they sell it there...

    Well, order an R4, and get the ROM for it [ Here.]

    I tested this with OKIWI and DSOrganize (Both Homebrew) web browser and it didn't work.

    1 reply

    yes, do u have or know any good places to get a ds browser- ready to 4 use sites I am just learning technical ["& it is still time consuming " funny pun inserted]

    I have a Triforce DS Lite, and i seriously need a browser!