Control Your Arduino From a PC With an Usb-cable

If you want to know how tou can control your Arduino with your PC or let your Arduino show data on your PC, then follow my steps. To do this you will need some software for creating interfaces. With WD Interface Maker you can create applications and export them to .exe. It's totaly free to download and use it.

Step 1: Download WD Interface Maker

Download the free software for free at this link: The software is still developping so the website is not very profesional yet.

Step 2: Use It

Use the example projects on the site and in the software to learn how to use it easily.



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    Reply 2 years ago

    You have arduino sketch examples like:
    sending data,
    receiving data over serial.

    And you have examples for doing things on the pc like:
    get the data from the arduino,
    send data to arduino,
    get sensor values from arduino,
    draw graph from sensor values,...