Control a Fan Via Wifi. Easy for Life

Introduction: Control a Fan Via Wifi. Easy for Life

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Today only with a phone, and a device connected to the internet. You can easily control any devices anywhere in the world. Today I will control a fan with a smartphone connected to the internet.

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Step 1: All of Things You Need.

I use a MCU8266 control via wifi

A switch 5v

Power 5v


Step 2: Diagram

Here is the diagram. How to connect all of these parts each other.

Step 3: Use Thin Solder to Solder All of Parts Each Other

Step 4: After Finish Put All of Parts to the Case

I use a drill to make two make two holds at the top and the bottom of the case.

Step 5: Use Some Tapes to Fix the Parts.

Step 6: Upload Code for MCU8266

Goto download library for MCU8266. I use blynk app to control MCU8266. Have alot of ways to control MCU8266. But I chose blynk app because It's so easy to setup for beginer.

After you download library. You should register an account. After that, you can receive an email to get auth key. Then you paste to the code below.

Three values you need to change. auth, ssid, pass


#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial

#include #include

char auth[] = ""; //AuthToken

char ssid[] = ""; //Wifi ssid

char pass[] = ""; //Password Wifi

void setup() {


Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass);


void loop() {;




Blynk library should be installed manually. Follow the instructions:

1. Download the latest release .zip file.Unzip it.

2. You will notice that archive contains several folders and several libraries.

3. Copy all these libraries to your_sketchbook_folder of Arduino IDE.

To find the location of your_sketchbook_folder, go to top menu in Arduino IDE: File -> Preferences (if you are using Mac OS - go to Arduino → Preferences)

The structure of your your_sketchbook_folder should now look like this, along with your other sketches (if you have them):


your_sketchbook_folder/libraries/BlynkESP8266_Lib ...


your_sketchbook_folder/tools/BlynkUsbScript ...

☝️ Note that libraries should go to libraries and tools to tools. If you don't have tools folder you can create it by yourself.

Step 8: Upload Code to Your MCU8266

Step 9: Close the Box

Step 10: Install Blynk App on Your Phone

Step 11: Login to Your Blynk App

Step 12: Add a Button, Turn to Switch Type, Use GP0 Pin in This case

Step 13:

Step 14:

Step 15: For More Detail. You Can Watch My Video. Thank You.

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