Control Your Light System by Your Voice




Intro: Control Your Light System by Your Voice

the project idea was to proof that you can control your home lighting system using only your voice commands , so the 3 LEDs in the project represents different systems in our home as an example .

Step 1: Components

1-Arduino uno
3-3 LEDs (different colours )

Step 2: Connect the Arduino and Upload the Code

Step 3: Connect the Circuit As Shown Below

Step 4: Connect the 1sheeld to Your Smartphone

Open 1sheeld app and connect the app with your 1sheeld then open "voice recognition " shield

Step 5: Press"tap to Speak : and Then Say "play "the 3 Leds Will Turn on

Step 6: You Can Turn Them Off by Saying

Step 7: Only Turn the Blue One by Saying

Step 8: the Yellow One by Saying

Step 9: And Finally the Green One by Saying



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Working with 1sheeld is pretty awesome, instead using arduino shield and sensors.
    they are all integrated in this shield that uses every sensor in the connected smart phone.