Controller 3000

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Arcade controller used for simple pc games. Both parts are detachable and are mounted with magnets. Parts are bought from aliexpress

3D model:

Code for testing the unit:

int sw1;
int sw2; int sw3; int sw4; int sw5; int sw6; int sw7; int sw8; int sw9;

void setup() { // put your setup code here, to run once:

pinMode(1, INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(2, INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(3, INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(4, INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(5, INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(6, INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(7, INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(8, INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(9, INPUT_PULLUP);

Serial.begin(9600); delay(200);

sw1=digitalRead(1); sw2=digitalRead(2); sw3=digitalRead(3); sw4=digitalRead(4); sw5=digitalRead(5); sw6=digitalRead(6); sw7=digitalRead(7); sw8=digitalRead(8); sw9=digitalRead(9); }

void loop(){

//while nothing sendt //test buttons if(sw1!=digitalRead(1)){ Serial.print("1 updated state to:"); Serial.println(digitalRead(1)); sw1=digitalRead(1); } if(sw2!=digitalRead(2)){ Serial.print("2 updated state to:"); Serial.println(digitalRead(2)); sw2=digitalRead(2); } if(sw3!=digitalRead(3)){ Serial.print("3 updated state to:"); Serial.println(digitalRead(3)); sw3=digitalRead(3); } if(sw4!=digitalRead(4)){ Serial.print("4 updated state to:"); Serial.println(digitalRead(4)); sw4=digitalRead(4); }if(sw5!=digitalRead(5)){ Serial.print("5 updated state to:"); Serial.println(digitalRead(5)); sw5=digitalRead(5); }if(sw6!=digitalRead(6)){ Serial.print("6 updated state to:"); Serial.println(digitalRead(6)); sw6=digitalRead(6); }if(sw7!=digitalRead(7)){ Serial.print("7 updated state to:"); Serial.println(digitalRead(7)); sw7=digitalRead(7); }if(sw8!=digitalRead(8)){ Serial.print("8 updated state to:"); Serial.println(digitalRead(8)); sw8=digitalRead(8); }if(sw9!=digitalRead(9)){ Serial.print("9 updated state to:"); Serial.println(digitalRead(9)); sw9=digitalRead(9); } delay(200);




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