Controller Mod for Big Hands

Got big hands? Video game controller too small? Hands fatigued and wrists sore after a long session?

Give your controller some balls.

NOTE: these instructions are for a PS4 controller.

It's so easy to do, I'm not posting any photos of how I did it.

Buy a pair of floor hockey balls (tennis balls would probably work.)

Mark a 1 1/4" diameter circle on each ball. Use a compass directly on the ball or make a paper template and trace it.

Use an Exacto knife to cut out the circles. You could probably use an electric drill and a 1 1/4" bit but I've never tried it. Clean up the edges with fine grit sandpaper.

Put 'em on your controller.

Enjoy holding your controller in a more natural position, with your hands in line with your forearms. Plus, no more struggling trying to hang onto a slippery little controller with your big hands. Bonus: if you're an old guy like me your arthritic hands ache a lot less after hours at the console.

Step 1:



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    2 years ago

    This is a really clever idea. Nicely done!