Controlling a Servo With LinkIt One

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In this instructable we will be controlling a servo with a linkit one board the servo will turn 20 degrees per second and make 180 degree turns

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Step 1: Upload Code

if you dont know how to upload the code to the LinkIt One board click here

Here is the Code I Made:


/* This code is a simple code that will controll you servo with a linkit one the servo will respond with a 10 degree turn every half second then return to 0 when reaching 180*/
















Step 2: Connect Servo

Connect the servos signal wire to ~D9 and the power cables to 5v and Gnd

Step 3: Run Your Code

The servo should move as stated in the into

Step 4: Need Help?

Feel free to contact me here

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    Nice simple Instructable and well written too. I see you received some stickers also! Yay Instructables and Seeed Studios for the LinkIt Ones!