Controlling LED by Phone and MangoCube WiFi in AP Mode

This Instructable shows how to control an LED (pin 13) of MangoCube WiFi with a Smart Phone (Android/iOS).

Things required for this Instructable;
1. MangoCube WiFi or (WiFi Board + Arduino UNO/Leonardo board)
2. Smart Phone (Android/iOS)
3. TCP terminal App

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Step 1: Configure MangoCube WiFi or WiFi Board to Work in AP Mode

Please refer to this Instructable on how to configure MangoCube WiFi or WiFi board to work in AP mode using
AT+WMODE=AP command

Once in AP mode use TCP terminal App in your Smart Phone to connect to MangoCube WiFi/WiFi board.

Step 2: Control LED on Pin 13

Upload the code (shown in image) to MangoCube WiFi.
Once that is done;
Connect to MangoCube WiFi using Smart Phone via TCP terminal App.
Now send "H" to turn the LED on Pin 13 ON
or send "L" to turn the LED on Pin 13 OFF.

This is it. It is that simple.

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