Controlling Lights Through Radio Frequency !




Hello, this is my first Instructable, we will see here how to control LEDs through radio frequency and Arduino.

Material needed:
1x - 4 Channels PT2264 Encode Keyfob & Reciver Modules PT2272-M4 PT2272-L4 PT2272-T4
1x - 12V battery for your Keyfob (MN21/8LR932/A23/V23GA/K23/K23A/LRV08PA/LRV08/R23A/3LR50/A23/E23A/GP23A)
3x - Relay (JZC-11F)
3x - Résistors (330 Ω)
3x - Transistors (BC548B)
3x - Diodes (1N4001 - 1A/50V)
1x - Arduino UNO R3
1x - DC 12V Power Supply
1x - LED Strip
1x - Breadboard or prototyping board (i would recommend you to use a breadboard at first for essay)

Step 1: Schematic and Code

Tips and tricks:
- You can use your 12V DC power supply to power up your Arduino and the LEDs.
- Take attention to the sense of wiring for your diodes, transistors and LEDs.
- On the receiver, pin VT isn't used.

Arduino Pins configuration:
Pin 4 to receiver module
Pin 5 to receiver module
Pin 6 to receiver module
Pin 7 to receiver module
Pin 8 to relay 1
Pin 9 to relay 2
Pin 10 to relay 3

Get back on the schematic to understand where to connect.

Step 2: Final Result !

On the remote, 'A', 'B', 'C' buttons are used to power up the LEDs.
D button is used to stop lighting.

Step 3: Hax and Fun !

Here we have 3 relay, an idea can be to get a traffic light and replace the PCB inside with your own to make a remote controlled traffic light.
In France, traffic light use 230V to work but the LED can be powered with 12V.
You just need to find a way to put your DC voltage to AC :)



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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction I saw that exact same unit there, I just don't have the exact link


    5 years ago

    you should separate the common relay connection from the transistor.. As it is drawn, all of the led current is flowing through the transistor as well as the relay contacts. Also using the ground symbol for the ground connection tho the leds is confusing. otherwise a great indestructible...