Controlling Arduino by Voice

This Project is getting start to use arduino with 1Sheeld

In this project we will turn an LED (ON) and turn it (OFF) by Voice

We will say "Open" to turn it (ON) and "Close" to turn it (OFF)

Follow The Instructions and Enjoy It ! :D

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Step 1: Things You Need

1- Arduino Uno

2- Usb Cable

3- Male Jumpers

4- 220 ohm Resistor

5- Bread Board

6- LED 5MM

7- 1Sheeld (1 Sheeld Website)

Step 2: Make the Circuit

Make the Circuit like on the pictures

Step 3: Write the Code

Download the Code and write it .

Step 4: A Sample Video for This Project and How It Works .

Watch This video and Enjoy it

any questions write it and I will answer it :D

Created by :

Ahmed Khaled , Ahmed Hammad , Mohammed Ali .

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    3 years ago

    Nice, thanks for sharing! :)