Convert 12V DC to 5V DC

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Hii friend,

Today I am going to tell you how to convert upto 24V DC to constant 5V DC.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Take All Components As Shown Below and in Pictures

Components required -

(1.)Voltage regulator - 7805

(2.)Multimeter (Digital/Analog) [Only for Testing purpose]

(3.)Input power supply - 7V.........24V DC

Step 2: Connect Input Power Supply

7805 voltage regulator contain three pins.In which we have to give power supply on pin-1 and pin-2.

we have to connect +ve input power supply to the 1st pin of the voltage regulator and -ve input power supply to the 2nd pin of the voltage regulator as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Output Power Supply

Now we have to connect output power supply wires.The output power supply will give always constant 5V DC power supply.

we have to connect the +ve wire of output power supply to the 3rd pin of the voltage regulator and -ve power supply to the 2nd pin of the voltage regulator.

Step 4: Wiring Is Completed

Now the wiring of voltage regulator is fully completed and the next step is we have to check the circuit.

we have to give input power supply about 7V..........24V DC and we will get constant output power supply 5V DC.

Let's check,

Step 5: Checking

In this circuit I give 12V DC input power supply and as you can see in the display digital multi meter the output power supply is almost near about 5V DC.

This type we can convert upto 24V input DC to constant 5V output DC.




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    5 Discussions


    Tip 21 days ago on Introduction

    Please do not follow the instructions in this guide. You MUST use decoupling capacitors on both the input an output of a regulator for proper operation.


    22 days ago

    Only it can be used in batteries power supply because there will not be fluctuations frequency.

    1 reply

    Reply 21 days ago

    I am sorry, but that reason is incorrect. You absolutely do need to use decoupling capacitors. Capacitors on the regulator's input will help extend the operational life of the battery. Batteries have a very high ESR and various current draws will shorten their operational life. (For rechargeable batteries, this means shorting their total operational life.)

    The output of the regulator needs, at the least, small decoupling capacitors to react to (relatively) high frequency changes by the load. No linear regulator is stable without output decoupling capacitors.

    Please update your article so that uninformed users are not mislead by incorrect circuit design.


    21 days ago

    Thank you for the mention! You are absolutely correct. This design needs the decoupling capacitors. At the very least, they need the values recommended in the 7805's datasheet.