Convert 35V DC to 9V DC Using 7809 Voltage Regulator

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Hii Friend,

Today I am going to make a circuit of voltage controller.By using this circuit we can convert upto 35V DC to Constant 9V DC.In this circuit we will use only 7809 Voltage regulator.

Let's get started,

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Step 1: Take All Components As Shown Below

Components required -

(1.) Voltage regulator - 7809 x1

(2.) Capacitor - 63V 470uf x1 {Here I am using 25V 470uf capacitor because I will give 17V DC Input.}

(3.) Capacitor - 16/V25V/63V 100uf x1

(4.) Input Power Supply voltage in DC - Input voltage<35V {Input Voltage Should be less than 35V DC}

(5.) Connecting wires

(6.) Clippers

Step 2: 7809 Voltage Regulator Pins

This picture shows the pins of this voltage regulator.

Pin-1 is Input,

Pin-2 is GND (Ground) and

Pin-3 is Output.

Step 3: Connect 470uf Capacitor

Solder +ve pin of 470uf electrolytic capacitor to Input pin/Pin-1 of voltage regulator and

Solder -ve pin of capacitor to GND Pin of the Voltage regulator as you can see in the picture.

NOTE : Voltage of capacitor should be greater than Input voltage.So connect 63V 470uf capacitor to parallel of input power supply as i connected in the picture.But Here I can use 25V 470uf capacitor because I have to give 17V Input which is less than Capacitor's voltage.

Step 4: Connect 100uf Capacitor

Next solder +ve pin of 100uf electrolytic capacitor to Output pin of the voltage regulator and

Solder -ve pin of capacitor to GND Pin of the voltage regulator as you can see in the picture.

Step 5: Connect Clipper Wire for 9V Output Power Supply

Now we have to connect clip wires to get constant 9V DC Output from this circuit.

Solder +ve output wire to Output pin of voltage regulator and

Solder -ve output wire to GND Pin of the Voltage regulator as solder in the picture.

Step 6: Connect Input Power Supply Clip

Now our circuit is ready so connect Input power supply wire to this circuit.

Connect +ve clip of Input voltage to +ve pin of 470uf capacitor and

-ve clip to GND Pin of the voltage regulator.

NOTE : We can give Input Power supply voltage upto 35V DC to this circuit.

Step 7: Reading

Now as you can see in the above pictures.

Picture-1)- I Give 17.6V DC Input and we get 9V Constant Output from this circuit as you can see in the picture-2.

NOTE 1: If we will increase the input voltage then Output voltage will be same i.e. 9V DC.

Like this we can make a circuit for getting constant 9V Power supply using 7809 Voltage regulator.

NOTE 2 : Add heatsink if 7809 Voltage regulator get heated.

Thank you

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    Tip 9 days ago

    it's better to use step down converter
    7809 voltage regulator will produce too much heat (you can burn your fingers) if you want to power some electronics with it