Convert DVDs and Videos With Handbrake

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Ever want that movie you have on your iPod or on your computer? Or do you want to convert that video you already have, or put it onto your iPod too? Then I will show you how to use the program Handbrake.

Step 1: Get the Software

Go to . Download the software (GUI). Install it on your computer, it requires 512 Mb RAM.

Step 2: If You Are Converting DVDs

Pay attention to this step only if you are converting DVDs. Skip it if you aren't. Go to . Download the DVD43 program  from one of the mirrors and install it, the plug-in doesn't work as far as I have tested, but you can try it and let me know. This program is necessary because it decrypts the copy protection, allowing the software to convert it. It will appear as a smilely face in the notification icons and then an evil face and then a green face once completely decrypted. Notice that there is no program for 64-bit versions, you can only convert from DVDs on 32-bit computers. 

Step 3: Use Handbrake

Once you open Handbrake, you will find a bunch of presets on the right side. These are set pretty well to what they are labeled so feel free to use them. Notice that you can crop the video, change the resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate, codec, and more. To add a file to your query, go to the top left where it says source and click it. If there is a DVD available it should appear there already. For other files, browse for them. It take universal input, or just about any type of video and can convert to MP4 video or MKV video. Specify where you want to save your file. Click encode and it will start converting your query. Time will vary depending on the size of the original and final file as well as the quality settings. Add the files to iTunes to add them to your iPod.

Step 4: Yayyy!

Yay! you've converted your video. Add it to itunes to add it to your iPod or save anywhere to play it. For mobile phones, check out my other instructable: .



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