Convert End Table to Rabbit Hutch




Disclaimer: This project requires the builder to have basic hand tool and power tool skills. The author of this instrucatable is not liable for any injuriy to the viewer or damage to their project. 

My wife wants to purchase a rabbit for our son's Easter gift. She hasnt found any cages/hutches that are suitable for the little guy (based on size, comfort, and cost). We decided to convert an old end table into a rabbit hutch. The main objective of this project was to keep the cost low, and provide the rabbit a spacious and comfortable domicile. This can also be easily done with any old dresser, cabinet, or basic wooded box.

List of Materials:

-Power Drill with any size drill bit
-Power saw
-Staple gun with staples
-1/2" Mesh (cut to your specific dimensions)
-Piano Hinge
-Sand paper
-Screw driver
-Wire cutters
-Wood screws
-1"x1/2" wood

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Step 1: Convert End Table to Rabbit Hutch Step 1

Step 1: Find cheap end table/cabinet/dresser (We found ours at a thrift store for $14). Gut the end table/cabinet/dresser (clear out extra drawers/shelves). We left a shelf in for future use as a rabbit loft. 

Step 2: Convert End Table to Rabbit Hutch Step 2

Step 2: Measure front of end table/cabinet/dresser to determine mesh door frame size. Remove the original door(if there is no door, remove front of end table/cabinet/dresser). 

Step 3: Convert End Table to Rabbit Hutch Step 3

Step 3: cut 1"x1/2" wood strips to fit previously measured frame. Cut the ends of the wood strips into 45 degree angles so that two strips together makes a right angle. Screw the wood strips together and test fit the square in the frame.

Step 4: Convert End Table to Rabbit Hutch Step 4

Step 4: Drill the Piano hinge to the frame of the end table/cabinet/dresser. After you have confirmed that the wood strip frame fits into the end table/cabinet/dresser, drill the other side of the piano hinge into the wood strip frame.

Step 5: Convert End Table to Rabbit Hutch Step 5

Step 5: Staple the 1/2" mesh to the inside of the wood strip frame. Close the mesh door, and BOOM you've got a rabbit hutch!



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    9 Discussions

    Rabbit Tips

    4 years ago on Introduction

    This hutch idea is great, but the cage is way too small for the rabbit to be alone in by itself. And almost 90% of all 'Easter bunnies' dont make it to age 1. Rabbits do live for around 10 years though, but enjoy your rabbit! :)

    I'm also hoping to make a cage/hutch out of a bigger shelf of some sort too...

    1 reply
    AriannaM10Rabbit Tips

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi! Not sure if you've gotten around to making your hutch yet, but pelase ch

    eck out our new instructable tunring an old dresser into a hutch. :)

    Rabbits make terrible pets. So many animals get dumped after holidays because people don't want to deal with the commitment.

    Going to need linoleum/etc. on the bottom or the wood will be ruined pretty quickly.

    3 replies

    Rabbits don't make 'terrible pets'. It the terrible owners that don't know how to keep them that end up dumping the poor animals. Have you ever had a rabbit?


    5 years ago

    I highly recommend that you give the rabbit a LOT of free time outside this tiny cage. There is no room for a litter box, hiding place And food dishes. It's a great idea but rabbits need a lot of room and a lot of social interaction. Like others suggest: a bonded pair is ideal. Bunnies are wonderful pets with lots of attention! Good Luck!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Love the idea, but do make sure the wood is treated to prevent unhygienic conditions.

    Also I must say that I think it's a bit small (depending on the size of the rabbit) and that I think it's cruel to have a single rabbit to begin with. They really love company of their own kind (do make sure they're "helped" though (even 2 males or 2 females)).

    Marcaine Art

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I did this with an armoire style entertainment center to make a rat cage with 4 levels. They love it.