Convert QuickTime to Microsoft Movie Maker Format

Now you can import QuickTime video from your cell phone or camera into Microsoft Movie Maker quickly and easily.

The key is a tool included in the Java Media Framework available from Sun. This is a package that runs on Windows to provide a host of useful media related services. For this instructable we only use the jmstudio utility to read in QuickTime format files and export them in MSVideo AVI format.

You can download the Java Media Framework along with a Java runtime environment directly from Sun for free.

Once the Java Media Framework has been installed navigate to the bin directory located there. You will see a file named 'jmstudio.exe'. Start this program. From the file menu you can open a QuickTime file from the disk, from a URL or from an RTP stream.

Once the file has been captured simply use the Export option from the file menu to save it in MSVideo AVI format.

After that completes you can exit JMStudio. Locate your exported AVI file with Explorer and use Drag and Drop to import it into Microsoft Movie Maker. After that you can drop it on the timeline, edit it, add effects or titles and make movie history...




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