Convert YouTube (or Any Other Video) to MP3 Format




Have you ever stumbled upon a video you wanted to rip the audio part out for further listening on an MP3 player? Usually it's some video clip with the latest single from a favorite artist. When you have this functionality built in a browser, it becomes a very easy task.

Step 1: Save Video

I've previously discussed the easiest way to download YouTube video. You'll need a browser called Citrio for that. Grab it here - it's worth it.

  1. While using Citrio, go to the YouTube video you'd like to extract an MP3 file from. This also works with Vevo, DailyMotion and other similar services.
  2. Click on the Video downloader icon.
  3. Place a check mark near "Save audio track".
  4. Click on the download button.

By doing this, you'll start downloading the video.

Step 2: Extract Audio

Immediately after the download of a video is finished, Citrio will start extracting the audio file.

If you haven't previously placed the check mark, you can manually initiate the extraction of the MP3 file by clicking on the "Extract Audio" button near the video you've downloaded.

Step 3: Extract MP3 From Previously Downloaded Files

Lets say you want to extract an MP3 file out of a video that you had for a long time already. You can do so by opening that video with Citrio browser (right-click on a video in a folder and select "Open with Citrio"). It will be opened in a built-in media player. Under the player there's also an "Extract Audio" button, that work the same way, as previously described.

If you wish to extract MP3 out of another video, you can click on the folder icon in player and you'll be able to navigate to your files.



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